I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

Jeffrey Harris
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Every science of healing has what is known as an "avenue of approach."  In medicine, it might be a drug that is injected through the skin, or a pill that is absorbed through the stomach.  While there may not be anything wrong with the skin or stomach, these are but the "avenues" through which the drugs gain access to the body.

For the doctor of chiropractic, the "avenue of approach" is the spine, because it houses and protects the spinal cord; the switchboard of the nervous system. 

During your examination, an accurate determination of the spine's position must be made.  If x-rays appear necessary for proper diagnosis, then generally two are taken.  The patient is first positioned standing facing forward; next, an x-ray is taken of the patient facing to the right.  This is the best way to determine functional problems as well as biomechanical faults. The x-ray images are then analyzed to determine the biomechanical distortions (alignment problems), disc health, and the extent of spinal degeneration.

Every effort is made to keep x-ray exposure to a minimum. Be assured that radiological exams are performed only when clinically necessary to insure proper patient care.


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